One Billion Live Inc. is the world's first, and only media company that can provide advertisers, Guaranteed Sales. We are launching pioneering broadcast networks on all platforms ranging from digital to live social media.  Powered by the GSI™ (Guaranteed Sales Increase) Algorithm. Here is our first Network success story.

The GSI™ Live Home Shopping Network

Mark and Vanessa Eberra, Co-Founders of One Billion Live Inc. set out to revolutionize the advertising industry by introducing the world to the GSI™ (Guaranteed Sales Increase).

GSI is a proprietary process and algorithm that makes it possible for businesses to make Guaranteed Sales for every product advertised in any media.

After a couple of years of educational webinars, and blogs on how the GSI works, they launched the GSI LIVE Home Shopping Network in January of 2018 as the premier platform to demonstrate the power of the Guaranteed Sales Increase.

Billed as “The Authentic” home shopping network, because they broadcast from their home to yours, their live show has come to be viewed as a trusted and family friendly place to shop.

Today, after nearly a year of broadcasting over a hundred live shows, and Selling Out products from a wide range of retail categories, the GSI Live Home Shopping Network enjoys a
100% Success Rate for selling out advertisers products.

Clients of the GSI Live Home Shopping Network have sold out their products, within minutes of going live. And the momentum and the sells are only increasing!