ONE BILLION LIVE Inc. is a global live stream broadcast network. We are the only media company in the world that can provide your business with Guaranteed Sales using our powerful GSI™ ( Guaranteed Sales Increase)  algorithm.  


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Hosted by Mark and Vanessa Eberra, the only Influencers on Social Media that can provide advertisers with Guaranteed Sales.

GSI™ stands for Guaranteed Sales Increase, our pioneering, proprietary process, and algorithm that makes it possible to make Guaranteed Sales for every product you advertise.

Your products are showcased on our live streaming shopping show and broadcast all over the world on multiple platforms including Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Periscope and

Everyone has sold out in minutes and so will you if you have a tangible product and get approved to be showcased on our network.


We have a 100% success rate at Selling Out products for a wide range of entrepreneurs ranging from small business start ups to world renowned fashion designers, national retail store brands, famous inventors, and best selling authors. Many of our clients had previously advertised on National TV, and/or sold their products in retail stores or e-commerce sites before appearing on the GSI LIVE Home Shopping Network and Selling Out in 5 Minutes or Less!  Check out our Showcase of Client’s and their amazing, blazing, Guaranteed Sales Success Stories!  Right here.   Read Our Client’s Authentic Spontaneous Testimonials Right Here.